Accepting Special Theme Submissions: THIS BLISSFUL CITY
March 1, 2021 – May 1, 2021

Mural art in San Francisco.

As we cover our faces and keep our distance, the pandemic city is not quite the city we remember, but we have not forgotten our urban joys.

What bliss do we miss? Crowded farmers markets. Packed poetry readings. Corner bars. Shoulder-to-shoulder coffee counters. Porch parties. Block club meetings. City marathons. Sports stadiums. Community gyms. Bookstores. Concerts. Cabs. Cathedral choirs. Comedy clubs. Storefront theater. Indie dance. Arthouse films. Movies at the mall. Jazz clubs. Drag shows. All-day operas. Rowdy street festivals. Revolving doors. Working together. Neighborhood buffets. Dancing to live music. Dressing up. Cruising the room. Meeting friends at the big round middle table. Watching strangers on the rush hour train.

Which joys are with us still? Rooftop gardens. Bike share stands. Urban trails. Skylines draped in fog. Walking the dog. Hiking the city grid. Running along the waterfront. Marching for justice. Public art and protected bike lanes. Train sounds and viaduct murals. Protest songs and little free libraries. Outdoor café heaters and pop-up take-out.

Here in the Slag Glass City, we want to see stories, arguments, lyrics, and reports about your memories of the way we were, your longings for all that awaits our return, and your day-to-day abiding wonders. Write us a city that still insists on dancing in the streets.

The essay(s) our 2021 editorial board select will be published in the online journal and considered for our miniature print editions. Slag Glass City considers nonfiction prose, graphic memoir, video, audio, soundscape, photography, mixed media, or any other form of the essay arts. The prose cannot be previously published, including on author blogs or social media, but visual art may appear on artist web sites. We are unable to pay contributors, but artists retain all rights, we promote widely, and all work published stays “in-print” online.

If you have QUESTIONS please email: slagglasscity@gmail.com 

CLICK HERE to SUBMIT to the special call: THIS BLISSFUL CITY by May 1, 2021.

For GENERAL SUBMISSIONS Submit to the City at: https://www.slagglasscity.org/submit
General submissions are open October through June

Image by Mark Mitchell