Special Theme Call for Submissions:


November 5, 2018 – February 5, 2019

Who in the city is pushed out, who is newly arrived, who is coming back,
who is coming-of-age? What beloved place in your city is gone?
What parts of the city should we forget and what must we remember?
What saves us, what harms us, who are we in the city coming to be?
Write us your city in motion.

We want nonfiction work that depicts, describes, embraces, or shapeshifts CITIES IN MOTION, on topics such as: gentrification, displacement, migration, decay, loss, ruin, disaster, rebuilding, what’s gone, what’s new, forgotten cities, remembered cities, changing skylines, shifting identities, what used to be, what’s vanished, what’s left, elections, protests, insurrections, innovations, retrogressions, desire for what the city could and might someday be.

The essays our 2019 editorial board select will be published in the online journal and considered for our miniature print editions. Slag Glass City considers nonfiction prose, graphic memoir, video, audio, soundscape, photography, mixed media, or any other form of essay arts. The prose cannot be previously published, including on author blogs, but visual art may appear on artist web sites. We are unable to pay contributors, but artists retain all rights, we promote widely, and all work published stays “in-print” online.

If you have QUESTIONS please email: slagglasscity@gmail.com.
General submissions are open October through June.