2020 Call for Submissions:

Adapt This City

November 5, 2019 – February 5, 2020

As rising shorelines consume cities, as displacement guts neighborhoods, as immigrant families fear deportation raids, as city dwellers fight epic battles for rent control and public school teachers strike, as desert cities burn and hurricanes blow ocean cities off their foundations, how are we adapting? Can the contemporary metropolis adjust to cataclysmic change—the urgent and the everyday, the systemic and the intimate? When we do adapt, who benefits, who pays, and how is the city implicated? Can the old city adapt into the city we need now, without leaving anyone behind? Here in the Slag Glass City we want to see stories, arguments, lyrics, and reports about 21st century cities transforming, in tiny or tremendous ways. 
Write us a city bent on survival.

The essay(s) our 2020 editorial board select will be published in the online journal and considered for our miniature print editions. Slag Glass City considers nonfiction prose, graphic memoir, video, audio, soundscape, photography, mixed media, or any other form of the essay arts. The prose cannot be previously published, including on author blogs or social media, but visual art may appear on artist web sites. We are unable to pay contributors, but artists retain all rights, we promote widely, and all work published stays “in-print” online.


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General submissions are open October through June.
Image by Carlos ZGZ