by Dirk Matthews

These photos document the casualties of progress. Structures built in a bygone time reveal architectural features that alternately show irrelevance and grandeur. When drastic change is imminent, when a space is to be permanently transformed, this apex calls for documentation. With my camera, I work to capture this last gasp. While decay is evident, my goal is to preserve these final moments before a building disappears. This building is gone, replaced by a gaping hole in the ground at the Six Corners intersection in Chicago, waiting for a new structure to reflect this current time.

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Dirk Matthews







Dirk is an educator, career specialist, filmmaker, and photographer. He currently works as the Associate Director of Portfolio and Career Integration at Columbia College Chicago’s Career Center. He has 17 years of higher-education career-development experience, with 13 of those years in higher-education leadership. He teaches part-time at the college in the Cinema Art and Science Department. With 20 years of freelance work in film and photography, he applies this experience to the career-development process. Dirk is currently working on his Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology.


SLAG GLASS CITY • Volume 3 • October 2017
All images by Dirk Matthews.