by Daniel Moreno

My first encounter with photography was through photojournalism, conducting interviews while capturing my subjects on film. When I started to explore the possibilities of the camera, I became inclined toward the documentary. I found out later on that there’s little-to-no photographic work of this style on Táchira, in my home state of Venezuela. I started to explore, going downtown and to the park to photograph people who it would be difficult to imagine the place without. This is very close and direct work and not intentional, in the sense that the series was not planned. Through the years I saw repeating themes, and a photographic narrative took on a life of its own. The photographs were taken between 2012 and 2016, in different locations around the town, to showcase the people of Táchira.

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Daniel Moreno sits in a studio and half-smiles in a sherpa/jean jacket.
Daniel Moreno

Daniel Moreno is a Venezuelan photographer specializing in photojournalism, street photography, and portrait photo. He has a background in filmmaking and media production in both Venezuela, Colombia, and the U.S. He currently lives in Chicago, IL.

SLAG GLASS CITY • Volume 5 • January 2019
All images by Daniel Moreno.