by Jody Kennedy

Heurtoir (door knocker in English) comes from the French word heurter meaning to hit or to strike. While working on this series of photographs in downtown Aix-en-Provence, France, I thought of the age of the door knockers, many of them likely two-hundred-years old or more, and all the people who have used them over the course of time. I wondered if I would be welcomed inside if I were to knock. Was it possible for strangers to become friends so simply like that in this world of locks, keys, doors, and gates?

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Jody Kennedy

Jody Kennedy’s writing and photography have been published, or are forthcoming, in Bennington Review, Anomaly, Fairy Tale Review, Tin House Online, The Sun, and Georgia Review, among others. Originally from the Midwest, she holds a BA in English and creative writing from the University of Wisconsin and now lives in Provence, France.

SLAG GLASS CITY · Volume 5  · March 2019
Header image by Jody Kennedy