by sean burn

ghosts-in-the-machine is an ongoing series of ghosted shop windows reflecting on the city and our fractured min(e)d. urban environments are increasingly toxic to our (mental) health. these photos are from newcastle-upon-tyne in the U.K., but the series ranges across europe.

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[The torso and legs of a seated, tattooed man holding a hand-written sign that reads “dada wz right?/dada is riot”]

sean burn







sean burn is a writer, performer, and self-taught artist who writes up walls with charcoal, projects visuals at night, paints dictionaries (imperfectly) white, and creates outdoor poster-trails and interventions. he is loving&raging internationally with an active involvement in disability arts and is part of the northeast mad studies collective.

To find out why sean writes in lowercase, please visit greyscale theatre company


SLAG GLASS CITY • Volume 3 • May 2017
All images by sean burn.