by Rodrigo Albert

Urban space is an actor in the relationship between architecture and art, where aesthetics become visual and plastic as they display the opposing polarizations of material corporeity. When I was invited to exhibit this series at the Paris Museum of Architecture I wanted to call attention to how the French saw architecture by way of an artistic work produced through the window of a building. 

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Medium shot of Rodrigo Albert
Rodrigo Albert

Rodrigo Albert is a self-taught visual artist from Minas Gerais, Brazil. His works represent memories through photography, sculpture, videos, and installations. He is known for his attention to everyday social issues. In telling stories of the relationship between humans and nature—and through creating diffuse and poetic narratives that point to heterogeneity, break barriers, and play with visibility—his work makes minute details discernible to the naked eye. 

In 2006 Albert won the Pierre Verger National Photography Award, the most important prize in Brazilian photography. In 2009, the French photographer Marc Riboud (Magnum Photos) awarded him first place in the SFR/Polka Prize competition at the Polka galley in Paris. More of Albert’s work can be found at 

SLAG GLASS CITY • Volume 9 • January 2023
Header image by Rodrigo Albert.