by Cairo Lima

During the period of social isolation, photographic walks became increasingly unfeasible. It was no longer possible to take photos from a variety of locations.  

I was forced to restrict myself to my neighborhood, downtown Porto Alegre, a gray and monotonous place. Because of that, I felt a need to create life, color, and meaning through photographic interventions. Adding geometric shapes and colors, and changing the properties of the images, reflected my internal world.  

The result is photos that tell two stories: that of the city photographed, and that of the artist considering their place, at a specific moment in time.  

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Medium shot of Cairo Lima.

Cairo is an American/Brazilian visual artist and educator born in Berkeley, California and currently living in Canela, Brazil.  

His artistic journey with photography began in 2018, while working as a freelancer and later in 2019 after completing a photography course in Fluxo Escola de Fotografia e Cinema in Porto Alegre.   

His work explores the digital manipulation of images—focusing on experimentation and pushing the boundaries of photography—while still remaining grounded in the established concepts of composition and color.   

Since 2020, he has also been working as an ESL teacher, getting his TESOL certificate in the same year.   

SLAG GLASS CITY · Volume 8 · November 2022
Header image by Cairo Lima