by Guilherme Bergamini

For seven days I walked the streets of Old Havana, always in the late afternoon. My goal was to find the light Cuba eradicated. I found it and I loved it. The mixture of pulse, contrast, architecture and people on all sides. Moments of mutual coexistence, jokes, games, music and movement. The simplicity and creativity of a welcoming people who do not deserve to go through so much shortage of essential goods. A country unlike anything you can imagine, both for its geographic location and politics, and where the greatest wealth lies in its citizens. 

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Medium shot of Guilherme Bergamini.

Guilherme Bergamini is a Brazilian reporter, visual artist, and photographer with a degree in journalism. For more than two decades, he has developed photography projects that explore the various narrative possibilities the art form offers. Bergamini’s works dialogue between memory and social political criticism and he believes in photography as the aesthetic potential and transforming agent of society. Awarded in national and international competitions,  he has participated in collective exhibitions in 46 countries. 

SLAG GLASS CITY · Volume 8 · February 2022
Header by Guilherme Bergamini.