by Ebele Mọgọ

In Spring 2016 I collected data for my Doctor of Public Health dissertation on urban health and community resilience in the Lagos metropolis of Nigeria. One aspect of this three-pronged project was to audit, and then characterize, the built environment in this context, and make recommendations on how to improve the health of its dwellers. Since my sampling was varied spatially and by the aggregate income of each locality, I was able to experience the city in a depth that was critical, multi-faceted, and embodied. I started to take pictures to remember and share my daily experiences while traveling across the city to collect data. I find that photographs helped to turn the city from a conceptual thing to a real, relatable place, showing contrasts, the flow of people and machines, and even style.

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Ebele Mọgọ







Ebele Mọgọ is a writer, entrepreneur, and scientist. She is the Principal of ERIM consulting ( and the President of Engage Africa Foundation ( She blogs at and is on Twitter and Instagram as @ebyral.


SLAG GLASS CITY • Volume 3 • March 2017
Image header by Ebele Mọgọ.