by Harrison Candelaria Fletcher


[ adj.] sequence of frames set at intervals to record changes slowly over time; when shown at normal speed, movement seems faster  


18TH & BLAKE – July heat morning two days from April snow cloth masks peel away downtown drinks deep canned Mozart drifts down 7- Eleven speakers sidewalk gum grease Marlboro butts a gray blur man in a gray camo parka settles on haunches welcome sensor bongs customers coming customers going stepping over stepping around dropping loose change plastic bags crumpled white receipts squinting hard behind squinting hard beyond his lips conjuring cobwebs trying not to weep yet the music he feels it shivering he breathes it cheek on concrete sighing to believe at the edge of vision bright dime of a dream.  

16TH & ARAPAHO – Granite chunk sidewalks barricades roadblocks tarp-tent migration shopping cart nation buzz-cut man on wall of a bus stop pedestrian mall crosswalk behind him a mansion a mask mirrors before him office worker cell phone sneers his face a crease his right hand a hammer driving doubts into his forehead inaudible stammer some regret some decision some daily derision taunted by the lie Just Do It on his chest when the shuttle doors open his resistance unbroken remaining in place his claims a space whispering No his fist unfolds.  

17TH & WYNKOOP – Union Station foot traffic woodfired pizza smoke marijuana urine a wind-breaker man with wind-broken skin torn jeans rolled to thin pale shin reaches into trash bin elbow to shoulder bright orange soda jammed in a corner half-empty half-full held above his head to catch the light just right as crowds flow around him unseen un-shamed his moment of alchemy bottle into flame. 

Harrison Candelaria Fletcher is the author of the essay collection, Descanso for My Father, the memoir, Presentimiento: A Life in Dreams, and his newest, Finding Querencia: Essays from in Between. Recipient of a 2022 National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellowship, Autumn House Press Nonfiction Prize, New Mexico-Arizona Book Award and Colorado Book Award, his work has appeared in such venues as New LettersTriQuarterly and Best of Brevity. He teaches at Vermont College of Fine Arts and Colorado State University.

SLAG GLASS CITY • Volume 9 • April 2023
Header image by J Dimas.