Who is the Slag Glass City?
EDITOR: Barrie Jean Borich
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Hannah Rutkowski
EDITORIAL INTERN: Nic Job & Casandra Ronning
MANAGING EDITOR: Audrey Juergens
: Michelle Janssens Keller, Tim Hillegonds, Jen Soriano
What is the SLAG GLASS CITY?

Slag is a waste product of iron ore processing and a leftover of the steel industry that once dominated the city and surrounding areas of American industrial centers such as Chicago, where this journal originates.

Slag glass is opaque and decorative; the streaks of color are said to have once been the result of adding slag to molten glass, though this part of the description may be urban legend. The origins of slag glass as a decorative arts material are murky and speculative, but the end product is a beautiful and utilitarian image of nonfiction art that comes from, and speaks to, the post-industrial city.

Skylines are made of glass; cities are at once dense, cooperative, tense, tragic and hopeful; urban space is contested territory. Slag is also a pejorative for the sexually unbound woman, but in the Slag Glass City we aim to transform margins into centers, and in doing so hope she will speak and act as she pleases. We are a journal that melds the old and the new, the accident and the plan, the rubble and the green, the rooftop and the prairie, the imaginative and the corporeal, the broken and the restored.

Our area of concern is the livable city, but our interpretation of this language, more familiar to urban planners, geographers, and city theorists than to artists, is multifaceted. We are interested in post-industrial greening of urban spaces—from rooftop gardens to elevated bike trails to vertical farms—but we are equally enthralled by interrogative art and performance that values social justice and queerness, reinvents form, and honors the green human need to pursue pleasure, beauty, and joy.

We also love bicycles, and in the Slag Glass City bike trails abound.

Slag Glass City publishes continuously on the web, posting something new every month or so as we begin and more frequently as we progress. We publish all shapes and disciplines of nonfiction arts, including: stories, reportage, essays, lyrics, photographs, visual arts, film and video, digital and audio works, performance, and new web-friendly forms we’ve yet to imagine.

We accept general submissions on a rolling basis, from 15 September through 15 June. Our guidelines and the link to our submission manager is available on our SUBMIT TO THE CITY page.

Who else is the
Slag Glass City?

EDITORIAL INTERNS: (2024) Nic Job and Casandra Ronning; (2023) Zach Sharp; Janelle Vasquez and Olivia Licklider and Kaitlyn Young; Maya Cochran; (2022) Jessie Kern and Emily Richards; Haley Pratt; Connor White (2021) Amanda Matthews; Mia Goulart, Christy Margeson, and Claire Talluto; Caitlin Costello and Tessa Martinez; (2020) Kaity Aiken, Leah Scherr, Corinne Witt; (2019) Caroline Jones; (2018) Erin Roux and Jonathan Miller, Chris Schafale and Kieran Dillon; (2017) Nicole Carullo; (2014) Taylor Alcantar; Brandon Haskey; Julie Tindor

(2014-15) Emily Parenti

LOGO & ICON DESIGNER: Melissa Roels (2014)

WEBSITE: Jessica Ziegler

Katharine Anderson, Francesca Halikias, Jenna Katz, Emily LaHood-Olsen, Amanda Matthews, Danielle Moore, William Noel.

FORMER ASSISTANT EDITORS: (2022-2024) Hannah Rutkowski; (2020-2022) Jadae Sweezer; (2018-2020) Madeline Happold; (2017-2018) Christina Laucello; (2015-2017) Amanda Hanna.

(2021) Garrett Eicher, John Giesa, Page Gilberg, Jessie Kern, Anna Kubik, Megan Lucas, Jess Macy, Karina Miranda, Emily Richards, Jessica Rish, Sophie Schreiber, Jenna Shattuck, Kate Soupiset, Tatiana Swancy, Elaina Williams

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All student board members were students in the DePaul University class THE AMERICAN LITERARY MAGAZINE—Idealists and Happy Fools.

Where is the
Slag Glass City?

The Slag Glass City publishes from the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. The journal is a project created by Barrie Jean Borich with support from the DePaul University English Department/MA in Writing & Publishing Program. Slag Glass City is a proud member of CLMP.

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